Coach Daniel Bomtempo

Daniel has been coaching soccer for over 7 years now. He has gained his experience from coaching children in all age groups, ranging from 18-month-old infants to 17-year-old teenagers. His passion for the sport is very vivid, as demonstrated in all of his training sessions. Throughout his childhood, Coach Daniel developed a love for the game that is immeasurable.He played on a travel soccer team and his high school team, in which he was recognized in the league for winning 2 championships and most goals scored for 3 consecutive years. Growing up in a Brazilian household, soccer has always proven to be a significant part of life. Coach Daniel is proud of and greatly interested in the Brazilian style and flare of soccer, as shown by the national team of Brazil. His favorite player growing up was Brazilian soccer star, Ronaldinho, who actually started a Nike Campaign named Joga Bonito, Portuguese for “Play Beautiful,” to show the world the Brazilian style of play.